Why is My Scorpion Trying to Escape?

Shiny Burrow Scorpion

A question that many new scorpion owners ask quite frequently is why their scorpion is trying to escape. It is an issue that concerns many owners. Some inexperienced owners fret that it is the result of something they have, or have not, done.

Regardless of the species of scorpion, many of them choose to climb the walls of their enclosure or terrarium at times. This often happens when they are first introduced to a new environment and it may simply be their way of exploring the territory. However, concerned owners might be worried that something is wrong with their scorpion or the environment in which it is placed.

The Perfect Environment

Scorpions make for great pets and are easy to look after (even if they do require a certain temperature and humidity that mimics that of their natural environment). Scorpions can climb and will do so naturally though, which is that which makes owners worry their arachnids are trying to escape. But if you think about it logically, as with most creatures, scorpions will much prefer to move further afield if they could. And their only means of doing so is to escape their enclosure.

Climbing notwithstanding, scorpions like to burrow, which means that you need to offer some sort of substrate on the bottom on the enclosure. What substrate you use will depend on the type of scorpion you have. Desert species prefer drier conditions whereas forest species like their enclosure to be humid and warm. For desert species then, sand is the ideal substrate. You can use a peat-free compost for forest species. Substrate for forest species should be misted with water daily to keep it moist. However, you should never soak the substrate as this can result in mold and fungus growth.

Is My Scorpion Happy?

It is natural to wonder if your scorpion is happy when you see it trying to climb the walls in its bid to escape. It is normal for scorpions to climb and, let’s be honest, if they could escape, they certainly would. But that does not mean it is not content.

Provided you have created a suitable environment with adequate heating, humidity, and a place for your scorpion to burrow, there should be nothing to worry about.

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