Do Scorpions Need Water?

Malaysian Black Scorpion

Like all creatures, scorpions do require water to survive, although they do not drink it in the same way a cat or dog would do, for example. In fact, scorpions can survive on minimal amounts of drinking water as they get most of their hydration from the food they eat and the environment in which they are in.

How Much Water Do Scorpions Need?

Scorpions get by on very little water, but it is nevertheless important to provide it for yours. You should place a small, shallow dish of water in your scorpion’s tank so that it can drink as and when it needs to. You are not likely to notice much water gone from this dish as scorpions rarely drink more than a couple of drops at a time. However, it is essential that your pet has access to fresh water at all times. You should also make sure that you change the water daily.

If you have young scorpions and you are worried about the prospect of drowning in a water dish, I recommend placing pebbles in the water so that your scorplings can climb on and which will prevent accidental drowning. If you have a desert species of scorpion, you could forego the water dish instead using a moist sponge instead. However, this will also need to be cleaned and refreshed with water every day.

How Else Do Scorpions Get Water?

As mentioned above, scorpions get most of their water from the food they eat. Try to provide gut-laden live food for your pet as this will ensure that it gets sufficient amounts of water. You can also spray the tank with water as another method of ensuring your scorpion is getting the water it needs. Try spraying the substrate, walls of the tank, and any plants, but avoid spraying the scorpion directly. Make sure it is a light spray; you don’t want to be waterlogging the enclosure.

How Long Can Scorpions Go Without Water?

Scorpions can go for many months without food but without water they will die very quickly. It is crucial therefore that you provide access to fresh water, even if you do not see any evidence that your scorpion has been drinking.


Scorpions need water to survive and it will typically get it from its food; it will also need access to a water source in its enclosure.

Misting your scorpion’s tank and providing gut-laden food will also ensure that your pet gets the water it needs for continued good health.

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