What is the Best Centipede to Have as a Pet?

Giant Desert Centipede

There are countless weird and wonderful creatures that us humans can keep as pets, but one that may seem weirder than most to some people is the centipede. After all, many individuals class these myriapods as pests that often find their way into homes without invitation. Smaller centipedes can be found on most continents, including… Continue reading What is the Best Centipede to Have as a Pet?

How to Make Millipede Substrate

Flat Millipede

As burrowing creatures, millipedes in captivity will require conditions that are similar to their natural habitats. This includes a suitable substrate. In fact, not only do millipedes love to burrow in substrate, but they also actually eat this material too. What this means for the health and wellbeing of your millipede is that substrate is… Continue reading How to Make Millipede Substrate

What Do Millipedes Eat?

Yellow Banded Millipede

Most people do not consider millipedes when thinking of pets, but these interesting creatures do make fantastic pets for those fascinated by the weird and wonderful. And unlike their myriapod cousin the centipede, the millipede is gentle and slow and, more importantly, does not bite. Millipedes are also unlike centipedes when it comes to diet.… Continue reading What Do Millipedes Eat?

The Lifespan of the Millipede

American Giant Millipede

Millipedes can make for wonderful and interesting pets, particularly for kids, as they are fascinating to watch. These gentle, docile creatures are easy to care for and can be kept safely in a glass or Plexiglas enclosure. In their natural environment, millipedes like to inhabit dark, damp places such as under rotting logs, dead leaf… Continue reading The Lifespan of the Millipede

What Do Centipedes Eat?

Common Desert Centipede

If you are considering a centipede as a pet, you are bound to have questions of, among other things, its eating habits. For example, you will want to know what you should be feeding your new pet, how often you need to feed it, and what to do if it is not eating. You might… Continue reading What Do Centipedes Eat?

How to Look After a Centipede

House Centipede

Like all other pets, centipedes require care and attention to ensure they remain healthy and content. If you are getting a centipede as a pet, you will need to ensure that, among other things, you have adequate housing and that you feed the appropriate food regularly. Centipedes are interesting creatures and make for fascinating pets,… Continue reading How to Look After a Centipede