Do Grasshoppers Have Wings?

Tobacco Grasshopper

People are naturally inquisitive about insects. And being inquisitive means they often have lots of questions about insects. We get many such questions asked of us. Many of these relate to grasshoppers, a common one of which is whether these insects have wings or not. Grasshoppers do have wings, but they are not born with… Continue reading Do Grasshoppers Have Wings?

How to Hold a Grasshopper

American Bird Grasshopper

If you’ve always fancied a grasshopper as a pet, it can be as easy as going out and catching one yourself. Grasshoppers are found on every continent except Antarctica, so there’s a good chance there are some hanging about near to where you live. Grasshoppers are typically found in fields or meadows searching out food… Continue reading How to Hold a Grasshopper

The Life Cycle of a Grasshopper

Spotted Grasshopper

Those who like the idea of keeping an exotic-type pet might consider a grasshopper. Although an unusual choice, grasshoppers can make for a great pet as they are fascinating creatures to observe. Nevertheless, these insects do not live for very long. How Long Do Grasshoppers Live? A grasshopper will go through a number of stages… Continue reading The Life Cycle of a Grasshopper

All About Feeding Grasshoppers

Rainbow Grasshopper

As with all other types of pet, it is vital to provide enough of the right food for your grasshopper(s). These rather interesting insects actually require quite a bit of food, but fortunately they tend to eat readily available vegetation. What Do Grasshoppers Eat? In the wild, grasshoppers mostly eat grass and green leaves; they… Continue reading All About Feeding Grasshoppers