Are Tarantulas Good Pets?

Skeleton Tarantula

When most people think of pets, they typically think of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and other cuddly creatures. Most people’s thoughts do not automatically turn to spiders. In fact, countless individuals are completely terrified of these eight-legged creatures and would never dream of having something like a tarantula in their home. However,… Continue reading Are Tarantulas Good Pets?

Can Tarantulas Eat Fruit?

Brazilian Red Birdeater

Many people would-be or newbie pet tarantulas owners wonder what these creatures can eat. Indeed, it is crucial to know what to feed your spider because, obviously, this is essential to its wellbeing and, ultimately, survival. However, a question that we are asked quite often is whether tarantulas eat fruit or not? Well, the tentative… Continue reading Can Tarantulas Eat Fruit?

Do Tarantulas Sleep?

Blue Foot Baboon

Lots of people are fascinated with tarantulas and other spiders, but one of the questions we are most often asked is whether or not these creatures sleep. Spiders do not sleep in the way that humans do, or at least as we understand what sleep is. Although tarantulas have eyes, they do not have eyelids,… Continue reading Do Tarantulas Sleep?

Do Tarantulas Bite?

Acanthoscurria gomesiana

There are those individuals fascinated with spiders who might consider getting a tarantula. Nevertheless, before taking the proverbial plunge, they will want to know if tarantulas bite. The last thing anyone wants at home is a spider that bites, especially those of the large hairy variety! The short answer to whether tarantulas bite or not… Continue reading Do Tarantulas Bite?

Do Tarantulas Need Heat?

Chaco Golden Knee

As tarantulas come from tropical, subtropical, and dry locations around the world, they are for the most part accustomed to a certain temperature level. The majority of the world’s tarantula species are found in the northern regions of South America, but they are also native to some southwestern areas of the United States and, as… Continue reading Do Tarantulas Need Heat?

Do Tarantulas Need Water?

Mexican Fireleg

As with all living things, tarantulas need water to survive. However, in their natural habitat tarantulas tend to obtain most of the water they need from the food they eat rather than drinking from a water source (or any type of dish-like receptacle). In captivity though, things can be a little bit different. Is a… Continue reading Do Tarantulas Need Water?

What Do Pet Tarantulas Eat?

Trinidad Dwarf Tarantula

A question that would-be tarantula owners often ask us is about what pet tarantulas eat. It is an important question after all, and one that you really should find out the answer to before getting one of these wonderful creatures. You might be surprised at how many people fail to consider this question before getting… Continue reading What Do Pet Tarantulas Eat?